In 2018 this small group of female skaters came together to start the now global collective of GRLSWIRL. After only 3 years, they have hundreds of thousands of members all across the United States and the world, with chapters in San Diego and New York and more opening soon.

Their goal is to inspire others to go out and conquer their fears through skating. Each founder has their own unique story, background, and challenges, which they hope show that anybody from any walk of life can start skating. Getting to know the community is everything to the group, and our goal is to create spaces where people can come together, make friends, and have fun.

Our goal is always to create a special space for communities to blossom in the name of skateboarding.


Not only do they want to bring together a community of rad folks who want to skate, but they also aim to give back to the communities in which they skate. They raised funds for local non-profits and have taught over 300 kids in the US and Mexico to skate through their mentorship program. The mentorship program teaches kids to skate while also giving them the tools to be confident and vulnerable and the strength to be fearless.

GRLSWIRL is driven to create change not just in their community but also worldwide by opening people’s eyes to the sport of skating.