Our home is on the Central Coast of California, and we are surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, vineyards, rivers, and the Pacific Ocean. As a result, we always have the environment on our minds.

In brewing, you use a lot of energy and a lot of water. Though we focus on making the best beer possible, we also have to think about how we can do that efficiently and sustainably.

Our commitment to clean, renewable energy begins with our 9.7-acre solar array, ensuring that most of our beer is brewed with 100% California sunshine.

That solar array helps to offset roughly 1,200 metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

It is not just about finding ways to use renewable energy; we are always looking to eliminate as much waste as possible. One of the ways we do this is by making sure that our raw materials are ordered and delivered in bulk to minimize packaging waste.

We send roughly 10,000 pounds of spent grains to local farmers to feed their livestock.

Water is a precious resource, and doing our part to preserve and conserve our water is vital. Through our investment in local reservoir sourcing, we save roughly 5 million gallons annually. We have also implemented a custom water reuse system that treats our runoff and returns the water to the local aquifer.

500,000 gallons of water are recycled annually through our reuse system, and 35 million gallons of water are treated annually on-site.

Our work isn’t done here; we will continue to find better, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly ways to operate.