We are driven and inspired by what we call the California State of Mind. It’s the energy that everyone you come across seems to embody. People here are always creating, making, doing. In our new Cali Creators series, we’re highlighting local creators to share what they make, why they make it, and their inspiration along the way.

Queentide is a collective of Santa Barbara musicians creating salty grunge-rock style music with a fresh, indie twist. Band members Maddy Dahm, Emma Vogan, Bela Lafferty, and Cameron Crabtree spent their first few months together rehearsing on Maddy’s front porch, coining a genre that would eventually define their sound: Porch Rock. When the band added drummer Diego Melgoza, they outgrew the porch, but they haven’t deviated from their original style. After an EP and two singles, Queentide released their first full length album in September 2021.

Watch below to get a feel for the Queentide vibe.

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