Fruits with Benefits is much more than what’s in a Cali Squeeze. It’s how we brew it, how we connect with our community, and how we identify to the place we call home.

Most importantly, it begins with all-natural flavors, real fruits, and pure ingredients.

Real Fruits…

It’s all about the fruits, and we pride ourselves on using all-natural fruits, no extracts. We have a brilliant team that works diligently to ensure that we are only using the best fruits and raw materials that we can find.

Not only do we use all-natural fruits, but we also use fruits sourced from California. We are fortunate enough to call California our home, which means we are spitting distance to some of the country’s best fruits orchards and agriculture. We aim to keep our sourcing as local as possible.

Pure Ingredients…

Though the fruits we use are integral to the creation of Cali Squeeze, there are several other components to them that work to create a great product, like water, malts, yeast, and hops.


One of the many benefits of our location on the Central Coast is that we are situated right on the Salinas River. This means we have access to a fantastic water source. Nonetheless, we put that water through our custom filtration system to ensure that the water we use is of the highest quality.


Cali Squeeze is a Hefeweizen (wheat ale) which means we use a fair amount of wheat in the recipe. We use barley malt, malted wheat, toasted wheat, and Cara-malt. The result? A perfect base to add fruit to, refreshing, low in bitterness, pale yellow, and slightly hazy.


Our brew team is very familiar with different yeasts, and when it came to Cali Squeeze, we wanted to make sure we selected the right one. We use the “juicy” yeast, which helps with the fruity aroma and the opalescent appearance.


We are lucky to have excellent relationships with some of the best hop farmers globally, which means we can find the best hops for Cali Squeeze. We chose Willamette; it is a mellow “noble” type variety. Wheat beers are typically low in hop bitterness and flavor – so the hops play in the background and support the light malt sweetness and allow the fruit to shine.

All Natural Flavors…

It is essential to us that we are not using any shortcuts to make Cali squeeze the best product possible. By utilizing all-natural fruits, we are avoiding fake flavoring and extracts common among fruit drinks. We keep it simple, sustainable, and real.