Three and a half years ago, 7 girls with a love of skating and community got together to create GRLSWIRL, their all-inclusive skate community that welcomes everyone regardless of experience, age, or background. Every year they get together to celebrate their anniversary in their big Summer Bash, and this time they celebrated with us in Venice.

We had one hell of an evening, joined by Dagne Dover, Cariuma, Carver Skate, Mizu, Bev, Olipop, and Brothers Ice Cream.

Thanks to Carver Skate, we set up a mini ramp for skaters of all kinds to go for it and test out Carver’s surfskate boards. People were also able to show off their own skills, and for those who were of a competitive mindset, there was even a little skate limbo contest.

Skating, dancing, letting go, feeling free and groovy in our neighborhood.”


The night was not just about skating, there were some epic grooves. Starting off the night was DJ Gabriel da Rosa who kicked off the fantastic vibes. Then the night was rounded out by Adrian Cota who brought together a bunch of his friends to play in a jam band with a Mexican twist.

For this first event, we wanted to think outside of the box with Cali Squeeze and got to play with some epic drink combos and slushee options. For more ideas on what you can do with our Squeezes click here.

It was a truly rad night filled with love, good vibes, and Cali Squeeze. To check it out yourself watch our recap video here.