We are excited to introduce you to Cali Squeeze Seltzer! We took our three classic Cali Squeeze flavors and squeezed them into our gluten-free California seltzer. Made with real fruits and no artificial sweeteners for crisp and refreshing seltzer that are perfect for the beach, pool, or wherever you might be.

We also decided to add a bonus flavor, Pink Lemonade!

Blood Orange

Squeeze with natural blood orange into our gluten-free California seltzer for a super refreshing summer sipper. Crisp effervescence with juicy orange flavors and a citrus finish.


Our gluten-free California seltzer is infused with real mango, creating an insanely drinkable tropical refresher. Fresh effervescence with sweet mango fruit flavors and a bright, juicy finish.


Real Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava squeezed into our gluten-free California Seltzer, creating the ultimate tropical sipper. Crisp and bubbly with refreshingly tart flavors and a sweet fresh finish.

Pink Lemonade

Our gluten-free California seltzer is made with real lemons and strawberries for the perfect summer crusher. Fresh and bubbly with classic pink lemonade flavors; the perfect combo of sweet and tart.

 Check out our Squeeze finder to find out where you can grab a Cali Squeeze Seltzer Variety Pack today!