We are fortunate enough to be able to call California our home. It is a place home to some incredibly creative and inspirational people, fantastic fresh and organic fruits, breathtaking coastlines and landscapes, and sunshine all year round.

Our goal has been to try and encapsulate all that California is into a can—starting with all-natural fruits, pure ingredients, and no artificial tricks.

The base…

We wanted to use a great base beer that allows the fruit flavors to take center stage. Our incredible brew team created a hefeweizen that focuses on the fruity aromas while keeping the spicy clove character subdued.

They made sure to include a healthy amount of wheat for a soft mouthfeel and limited the hops to allow the flavors to come from the fruit. We also do not use any filtration to retain the softness of the flavors and textures. We add the fruit late into the cellaring process for the final touch to keep as much of the bright, refreshing, and sweet flavors as possible.

The Fruits…

Blood Orange!

Why blood orange? The real question is, why not blood orange? Not only are they abundantly available throughout California, but they bring their unique color and flavor to the table, pairing perfectly with the wheat beer base. The acid works well with beer bringing heightened refreshment while the sweetness brings balance—loads of fantastic citrus aroma with hints of red fruit. Not to mention the vitamin C and antioxidants the fruit adds the beer.


For those who don’t know what P.O.G is, it is a tropical juice made of Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava. Originating in Hawaii, the combo became quite popular. The rich combination results in the perfect balance of sweet and tart, which like the blood orange, works well with the mellow hefe beer—the fruity and fresh combo helps make this an easy-drinking tropical beer that works for any occasion.


Mango is currently having a major moment, and weirdly enough, it is very similar to hops. There is a distinct difference in types of mango, as well as green and ripe mangos. Mango aroma can include peach-like aromas and flavors and more tropical notes of pineapple and passionfruit. At the end of the day, a good ripe mango is delicious and loved by all and was a must in the Cali Squeeze lineup.

These fruits are certainly not the end of the line for us. As we continue to explore the exciting world of fruits, we will be trying new trends, old favorites, and everything in between. To discover your favorite fruits go to our squeeze finder to pick up our Variety Pack or one of our six-packs.