This summer, we released three new ultra-refreshing hard seltzer flavors: Ruby Grapefruit, Pink Lemonade, and Wild Berry. Each flavor was crafted after months of testing by our Brew Team, and we’re so excited to share the details of each one with our fellow sippers. Today, we’re diving into Ruby Grapefruit.

Because all of our seltzers are made with real fruit and no artificial sweeteners, taking a sip of Ruby Grapefruit will have you thinking you just bit into a perfectly ripened grapefruit – but it comes with a twist.

The Ruby Grapefruit flavor is a bit more complex than you might think when you hear the name. To make it, we combined real ruby grapefruit juice with a touch of mango, creating a perfectly balanced flavor that’s deliciously tart yet tropical.

When poured into a glass, the Ruby Grapefruit seltzer has a perfect, soft pink color that will make you want to drink it only out of the fanciest cup you can find.

We know what you’re thinking, “A pink seltzer? It must be full of artificial dyes.” But nope. The color is all-natural – it’s just the result of using real fruit juice.

Ruby Grapefruit is available alongside Pink Lemonade and Wild Berry in our new summer party pack, which is rolling out now to all Cali Squeeze markets. Use our Squeeze Finder to locate it near you, or use Drizly to have it delivered straight to your door.