Squeezed In California

When we first handed a Cali Squeeze to Grant Noble, we both instantly knew it wouldn’t be his last. Now, some time and plenty of Blood Orange, Tangerine Daze, and Passionfruit Squeezes (Grant’s fav) later, it turns out we were totally right. 

Not only is Grant one of our favorite people to share a Squeeze with after a long day at San Onofre or in the shaping bay, but he’s also one of Cali Creators. What’s a Cali Creator other than a rad, Golden State-based wave maker who also loves to sit back and enjoy the fruit-forward beer of today? Well, grab a Squeeze, start scrollin’, and let us tell ‘yah.

Best Enjoyed With California Sunshine

Hanging out at the Wedge in Newport Beach as a grom, Grant Noble built his confidence in waves of consequence. Today, you can still find him out at Blackies, any Newport Beach jetty between streets 1 and 62, and every other odd end of Orange County. You just have to look for his signature style to spot him. Or, just keep an eye out for a cooler of Squeezes on the sand, because chances are you’ll find Grant just due west of there.

California Craftsmanship

Like our beers, Grant’s also making something special in his home state of California. He shaped his first board at the age of 15 in his garage with a few friends and found a passion for making beautiful things enjoyed by all right then and there. He still works on his boards and now shapes his highly sought-after boards independently, right at home in Newport Beach, California. Speaking of which, he’s even hooked us up with some of his favorite shaping tunes. Have a listen below.

As you can see or, rather, hear, Grant oozes that California cool.

Fruits With Benefits

Grant now finds himself in a lucky place where he gets to surf around the world with friends riding boards he’s made himself, sharing laughs and Cali Squeezes along the way. Driven by his California state of mind, Grant’s drinking choices reflect the laid-back, uncomplicated expectations of a new generation of beer drinkers. That’s how we brew our beer, how we connect to our community, and how we identify with the place we call home.

Snag A Squeeze

Infused with freshly squeezed fruits, powered by our golden sunshine, and driven by a California State of Mind. Cali Squeeze is best enjoyed after a long day at the beach, in the shaping bay, or anywhere else you feel like sipping all-natural flavors, pure ingredients, and real fruits. It’s simple, straightforward, easy to drink, and even easier to find your own six-pack now.