Whenever our own Grant Noble rolls up to the beach, he’s always got some tune playing from his car that makes you want to whip your phone out and quietly ask it: What song is this? For a man as stylish and creative as he is, it only makes sense that his taste in music is impeccably adjacent. And since we love good playlists, we figured we’d ask him to put one together for us. That, plus, it’s certainly better than dealing with the embarrassment of standing in the parking lot and holding our phone speaker up to his car’s subwoofers.

Grant sent this to us saying it’s what he fires up when he’s in the shaping bay, looking for waves, or just kicking back. Hit play if you’re looking to listen to something fresh while you do the same. Or, if you just want to test your speakers out with some good tunes and excellent vibes. Put the proverbial needle on vinyl, hit play, and enjoy.