Tangerine Daze is one of the two fresh new beer flavors joining our beloved Blood Orange. Our Brew Team developed it after months of testing and perfecting, and we’re excited to finally share this creamy, citrusy sipper with our fellow beer drinkers.

We wanted to know more about how Tangerine Daze came to be, so we caught up with R&D Innovations Manager Brad Miles to find out about everything from the beer’s development to how he most enjoys drinking it. Read on to see what he had to say.

Tangerine Daze was the brainchild of Cali Squeeze Production Manager Ali Razi. Brad said that when Ali first brought him the idea of an orange-cream ice pop, or, orange soda-flavored beer, he thought it sounded crazy. He put it off for a while, but finally caved to the idea and gave it a try. And it’s a good thing he did.

Tangerine Daze was among a number of new beer flavors that Brad’s team developed for sampling by the “Innovation Team,” a collection of flavor decision makers from across Cali Squeeze’s brewing, sales, and marketing groups.

“Of all the trial beers we tasted that day, Tangerine Daze was the biggest hit,” Brad explained. “It stole the show. I can’t even remember what else we tasted that day.”

So, what’s so special about Tangerine Daze? How does it actually taste?

Brad told us that drinking Tangerine Daze feels nostalgic for him. “It reminds me of being a young teenager drinking an orange soda while tearing up the streets of Southern California on my skateboard.”

When you crack the can, the initial aroma is a big punch of vanilla cream with a hint of tangerine orange in the background. Once drinking it, the acidity of the citrus comes through more, and it’s a perfect blend of orange and vanilla. The finish is sweet, but not too sweet.

I’m never able to drink just one Tangerine Daze. They always come in pairs.

— Brad Miles, R&D Innovations Manager

Like all of our beers, Tangerine Daze is built to taste great straight from the can – and that’s the way Brad actually recommends enjoying it. But if you feel like getting a little fancy with your drink, we’d recommend pouring the beer into a can glass and finishing it with an orange garnish. Plus, we tend to think enjoying the beautiful orange color of the beer is half of the experience.

Tangerine Daze is available now in six-packs and alongside Lemon Chill and Blood Orange as part of our variety pack. Use our Squeeze Finder to discover where it’s available near you. And as always, be sure to tag us in your moments @calisqueeze.