This summer, after months of hard work by our Brew Team, we released Lemon Chill as one of our fresh new beer flavors. It’s rolling out to Cali Squeeze markets now in six-packs and as part of our variety pack. But if you like a little more info before committing to a new favorite sipper, we’ve got you. Read on to learn more about our Lemon Chill beer.

Brad Miles, R&D Innovations Manager at Cali-Squeeze, told us that when the team started looking into new beer flavors, one of the top priorities was keeping the fruit local to our home state of California. Luckily for us, California is one of the biggest citrus producers in the country, and as he put it, “Citrus and beer work really well together.”

Brad humbly calls Lemon Chill a “basic lemon beer,” but that doesn’t at all mean its flavor is common or simple. “It’s not lemonade, or limoncello, but a fully flavored lemon beer,” he said.

When you crack open a can of Lemon Chill, you’ll get an aroma of lemon candy. The first sip is akin to a bite of a lemon bar, with a well balanced taste of tartness and sweetness. “It’s not too sweet, and the acidity leaves you wanting more,” he said.

Maybe the most beautiful thing about Lemon Chill is that it’s appealing to everyone – from the die-hard craft drinkers who analyze every sip, to those who maybe wouldn’t normally pick up a beer as their first choice. And Brad had a perfect example for the latter. “My wife is not a beer drinker at all,” he said, “but when I got her to try Lemon Chill, she said, ‘How did you get a beer to taste like this?’”

If you won’t take it from us, you can take it from her. This beer isĀ good.

While all of our beers are brewed to taste perfect straight out of the can, if you prefer glassware, we’d recommend using a can glass and topping it with a lemon garnish. And the perfect setting for drinking a cold Lemon Chill? We’d say wherever you happen to be right now, but Brad’s partial to having a can of Lemon Chill on a sunny day outside next to the barbecue.

We’d love to see where you’re drinking Lemon Chill, so tag us in your moments @calisqueeze. And if you’re thirsting for a cold Lemon Chill right about now, use our Squeeze Finder to discover where it’s available near you. Happy sipping!