We squeezed three all-new hard seltzers into one summer party pack. Infused with real fruit, the Pink Lemonade, Ruby Grapefruit, and Wild Berry seltzers are perfect for summer crushing.

Pink Lemonade may sound familiar, and you’d be right. It was a flavor in our original seltzer variety pack, but we’ve reformulated it this time around to improve the flavor and offer a new ABV of 5%. Keep reading to find out more.

All of our hard seltzers are made with real fruit and no artificial sweeteners, which means taking a sip of Pink Lemonade will bring you back to the old days when a freshly squeezed lemonade was the ultimate refreshment.

The new Pink Lemonade is made with real lemons and strawberries, making it the perfect summer sipper. Pour it into a can glass and top it with some fresh strawberries and lemons as a garnish to elevate your drinking style.

Pink Lemonade is available alongside Ruby Grapefruit and Wild Berry in our new summer party pack, which is rolling out now to all Cali Squeeze markets. Use our Squeeze Finder to locate it near you, or use Drizly to have it delivered straight to your door.