Last month we released our new beer mixed pack featuring¬† Lemon Chill, Tangerine Daze, and the Blood Orange we know and love – just with one small update. We dove into everything you need to know about the “new” Blood Orange with Cali Squeeze R&D Innovations Manager Brad Miles. Keep reading to see what we found out.

First, let’s quell the concern that’s probably at the front of your mind. Blood Orange still tastes the same! The only change we’ve made is an updated ABV of 5%, which our Brew Team was able to accomplish without altering the beloved flavor and character of Blood Orange.

You may be thinking, “But, I haven’t even tried it before. What’s so good about it?” Here’s what Brad had to say about the flavor: “Drinking a Blood Orange Squeeze is as close to biting into a fresh blood orange right off the tree as you can get in a beer.”

Like all of our beers, Blood Orange is made with real, fresh California fruit, and it strikes the perfect balance of sweet and tart. We made it by squeezing blood oranges into our classic Hefeweizen base beer, which creates a uniquely refreshing and insanely drinkable sipper.

And although it tastes perfect straight out of the can, nothing looks better than pouring the bright red-orange beer into a can glass garnished with a wedge of blood orange.

Blood Orange is available now in six-packs, on draft, and in our new variety pack. Use our Squeeze Finder to discover it near you. Once you track some down, be sure to tag us in your moments @calisqueeze.