Our hard seltzer variety pack is loaded with refreshments in the form of new flavors, including Wild Berry, Pink Lemonade, and Ruby Grapefruit. We already dove into all the details of Pink Lemonade and Ruby Grapefruit, so we’re here to learn more about Wild Berry.

Each of the three flavors is the result of months-long experimentation, tasting, and discussion among our Brew Team. Specifically, they wanted to achieve great taste and vivid colors with real fruit juice and no artificial ingredients. And that’s exactly what they got with Wild Berry.

Our new Wild Berry hard seltzer flavor is a medley of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Thanks to the all-natural flavors and lack of artificial sweeteners, sipping on Wild Berry will have you feeling like you’re eating freshly picked berries right off the bush.

This crisp California crusher is excellent straight out of the can, but for the full experience, we recommend pouring it into a can glass and topping it with your favorite fresh berries.

Wild Berry is available alongside Pink Lemonade and Ruby Grapefruit in our new summer party pack, which is rolling out now to all Cali Squeeze markets. Use our Squeeze Finder to locate it near you, or use Drizly to have it delivered straight to your door.