Do you have plans this spring? If not, how’d you like to spend them surfing, skating, and enjoying yourself in paradise?

If that sounds ideal, you’re in the right place. We’ve teamed up with Cali Squeeze Ambassadors GRLSWIRL to give away a spot on the GRLSWIRL x AWA Surf & Skate retreat (add your name into the mix here) in Costa Rica from April 10 through April 16, 2023. One lucky winner will receive six nights’ accommodation and five surf and skate lessons adapted to their skill level.

Not the worst to pass the time, is it? Of course not. But if you weren’t sold already, we talked to GRLSWIRL founder Lucy Osinski about the trip. She was happy to chat, and broke down everything from the instructors, the beauty of Costa Rica, and more. If you weren’t already jumping to sign up for a chance to win already, you will be after reading this.

Cali Squeeze: Hey Lucy! First off, where are you and GRLSWIRL headed to in Costa Rica?

Lucy Osinski: Santa Teresa.

What is it about the surf do you like in Costa Rica? Is it the consistency or the quality that’s better?

Neither! The warm water!

Tell us a bit about the skate scene in Costa Rica — is it more park-heavy, or street skating?

There are all sorts of skating. Park, DIY, bowls, and pump tracks. And all in the jungle! It’s so special and creative.

Will beginners feel welcome and will the pros be at home? What’s the degree of difficulty of the skating and waves down there?

It’s definitely all levels. You can absolutely come as a beginner and flow through all the spaces.

How’s the community for both skating and surfing down there? Is it well established or in need of growing?

The surf scene is crazy established. Skating less so, but it’s still very tight-knit and community-driven. There are lots of backyard bowls and DIY parks.

Tell us a bit about the surf and skate coaches you’ll be working with down there. Who are they, how did you meet, what’s their coaching style, and more.

I met them online originally and later on we met in person and it was clear we were connected and decided to work together on a retreat. After doing two past retreats with them, we learned so much about each other’s teaching styles and I was honestly floored by how they held space for so many women and were simultaneously operating a high-level business. Then we decided to add GRLSWIRL into the mix and the rest is history! Three retreats sold out now!

How are the accommodations? Close to the beach, by a skatepark, all of the above? Could you give us a rundown?

They’re in the center of the coolest town. The whole village is on the beach so you are always steps away from the sand. But it’s also in the jungle with tons of gorgeous, cool, surfer and skaters from around the world. It’s unreal!

What are you looking forward to most about your time in Costa Rica?

Being close to nature and meeting new friends.

Sounds like a dream! I’m sure you can’t wait.

There’s still time to join Lucy and the rest of GRLSWIRL in Costa Rica. Enter for your chance to win a spot on their trip here now. Entries close March 3rd, 2023.